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sources of hope

How to maintain hope and optimism in a world where war and environmental destruction looms large? We're not likely to find hope by looking at prominent government policy makers and breakers and their shenanigans. Instead ...  look down, down to earth, down to what's going on at local government and community level. There was a time, when I was younger - a more naive, optimistic time - when this was called people power.

Meet Eli and Tomas, a married couple from Sydney. They designed the ShareWaste Project because "we like this planet. Both hemispheres. So we're trying to keep it a nice place to live on (it's not like we have a spare one anyway)."

How the Share Waste Project works is ingenious and simple. It's a bit like matchmaking, bringing together people who have scraps they wish to recycle but no means to do it, with people living nearby who are composting, worm farming or keep chickens.

The result: diverting waste from landfill while getting to know …

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