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humans in the landscape, the landscape in humans

Three artists stood out for me at the recent Ballarat International Foto Biennale, all women as it happened. Each one uses her photographic art to depict nature in relation to humanity, in original, surreal, fascinating, provocative ways. 
I enjoy taking and seeing endless photos of lovely gardens and nature scenes, but this is different. This is truly fine art photography - displaying the artists' unique, personal and passionate vision of nature and our place within it. 

Bindi Cole Chocka's art comes out of her lived experience as a light skinned, Christian, Aboriginal woman who doesn't fit into the neat categories of identity that society tries to impose on its members.  A recent series of works, Fertility, merges images of her son, Eli - the  source of her joy -   with images of her  ancestral land, WathaurongCountry - the source of her strength. 

Growing up in Iran during the Iran-Iraq War, photographer Gohar Dashti is familiar with the horror  of war. She took these p…

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