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roses and rose petals

Jill gave me some beautiful roses from her garden. After nearly two weeks in a vase they started to fall apart, and when they were petals I loved them even more.
In botany-speak, petals are modified leaves that protect the reproductive part of the flower, the part containing pollen and tiny eggs called ovules. When the flower is pollinated and the ovules fertilized, the ovules turn into fruit. Together the petals are referred to as the corolla.
Rose petals are edible, the flavour reported to being a bit like strawberries and green apples. I should have used the petals in the photos for salad, instead of disposing of them in the compost. Studies in China have found rose petals - and other edible petals - to be very good for our health.
Scattered rose petals are used for romantic occasions. If you don't have your own they can be bought fresh or freeze dried. 

Roses feature in many fairy tales. The rose has a central part in the recent film of Beauty and the Beast. The story starts wi…

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