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in praise of Australian museums

Spider webs I see tend to be spiral shaped, or in messy tangles. I'd never seen one shaped like this before and wondered what spider made it.

If you want a plant identified you can send a photo to the Herbarium in Melbourne and they will id it for you, but it will cost you. If you want a critter identified you can send a photo either to the Melbourne or the Australian Museum and you will get an answer from an expert for free. It's a wonderful service. I've used it before. So I sent off the above photo to the Australian Museum and waited for a reply.

Dear Sue,
Thank you for your enquiry. The type of web in your photo is referred to as 'lace web'.

Around houses they are most commonly made by the Badumna insignis. (Black or Brown House Spider), but other related spiders make similar webs. The pattern gets lost as the web ages and more silk is added, so this is a newly constructed web.
Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance. Kind regards, Anna Forster Visitor…

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